The boat trailer requires just as much attention in maintenance as the boat itself. A poorly maintained trailer will pose a danger not only to your boat but you and other road users as well. Here are some tips to keep your trailer in prime shape.

1. Oil the Trailer Wheel

The trailer wheel can struggle to rotate after some time due to the mileage it racks up. As a result, you need to regularly inspect it to see if it needs a round of oiling to lubricate it. Use marine grease to reduce friction and improve its utility. Do not forget to apply it to the wheel assembly too. You can also use silicon spray on both the wheel and its assembly mechanism.

2. Inspect the Lights

Trailer lights are critical to road safety as you tow your boat, and just like typical vehicle lights, you can get pulled over for a citation if they aren't working. Periodically check up on your trailer boat's lights for any dead bulbs that need replacing. When you identify one that doesn't work, first check your car's lights to ensure they are functioning. Trailer lights won't work if the car lights are faulty.

3. Coat the Cross Members

Once you spray bed liner or flex-type coating, you can add an extra layer of enamel for protection while also preserving the trailer's colour. Check to see that the flex-type coating is completely dry before spraying it with the enamel coating.

4. Get a Professional Assessment

While you can do a lot of the repair work necessary to keep your boat trailer in top shape, you need professional repair services when facing extensive damage. A professional assessment in boat trailer repairs helps you identify the issues that aren't easy to note like corrosion or cracking of the suspension. A regular checkup by a professional will also help you maintain the other essential moving parts of the boat trailer like the split pins and spindles.

5. Be Mindful of the Weight Load

Travelling long distances with the boat trailer carrying excess weight will wear down certain parts. Inspect your boat trailer every time you load it to see if the axles are straight. Piling on more weight than is recommended by the manufacturer will lead to warping on your boat trailer plus unusual wear and tear on other parts.


Your boat requires a working trailer to get it from the storage area to the water. Service your trailer as frequently as you service the boat to keep it in tip-top condition.